Innovation in the DNA of Pinus Brasil

Since 1982, Pinus Brasil has been working on the development of new varieties of Pinus seedlings in conjunction with several Brazilian universities and research bodies.

We are proud to have a highly specialized technical team that is able to offer technological solutions to the market in line with the most important companies in the world.


In the Chemical segment, we started with Gum Rosin and Turpentine, currently we have more than 30 products with different variations of their specifications. We listen to our customers, understand and go deep into the research and development of new products, or adjustments to the line products to generate added value to the partnership. In addition, on our own initiative, we develop products and present them to customers so that they can introduce them in their formulations bringing cost reduction and / or new solutions.


In the industrial area, we brought the most modern production unit of Gum Rosin Derivatives on the market, which has a unique production technology and works with equipment specially designed to guarantee a final product of differentiated quality.

The customer's voice

We also work with product customization, where we understand the customer’s formulation, study together and anticipate production steps that bring more value to the business and the relationship.

We listen to the client, our team has a keen ear to add value to the relationship.